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With goober, you always get the best quality for VoIP and video calls
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Goober Messenger is an Internet Instant Messenger for communicating over several instant messaging networks. This program will allow you to be online using your IM identities in ICQ, MSN, Google Talk, or Jabber networks. This way, you can interact with each identity’s contacts.

The program has all the features you would expect to see in an instant messenger, like sending text messages, insert icons into them, send files, or download files from your contact’s web folder. It also offers some exclusive features, which you can use only with goober’s contacts, such as sending files to offline contacts, starting private sessions, shaking your contact’s window, maintaining video chats, or showing your contact a photo slideshow. You can access these and some more features by using the Pie Menu.

Goober Messenger also allows you to call goober friends for free using your computer, a microphone and speakers. It is also possible to call landlines or cell phones for a small fee. You can also send SMS messages in bulks from this program, and they will be identified as sent from your cell phone.

Along with this, goober offers a free 1Gb mail account that can be used to send content from goober Messenger. It can be installed and used in English, Spanish, German, or Chinese.

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